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Friday, May 13, 2011

Nakba Day

Pray for peace and protection for the Israeli people this weekend, May 13-15, as the Palestinian people commemorate Nakba Day.
Nakba Day (Day of Catastrophe) is an annual event, held every May 15, marking the creation of the State of Israel. The Arabs believe this was the beginning of the “occupation.”
On May 15, 1948,  approximately 725,000 Palestinian Arabs fled from their homes during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and the Civil War that preceded it.
During the 1949 Lausanne conference, Israel proposed allowing the return of 100,000 Palestinians as a goodwill gesture.  The Arab states rejected the proposal on both moral and political grounds.
Nakba Day has been marked each year by rallies and protests which at times develop to clashes between Palestinians and the Israel Defense Forces in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
For 2011, activists have called for new uprisings all weekend, which would see thousands of Arabs holding marches, rallies and demonstrations in Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria, all in solidarity with the Palestinians.  These activities will peak on May 15, with outbursts both inside and outside of Israel, probably much more than any year before.
Israel celebrated the 63rd anniversary of its re-creation on Tuesday, May 10, which was 2 Iyar on the Hebrew calendar.   & Wikipedia

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