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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Lamb Without Spot or Blemish

The Jewish people were commanded by Adonai to select a lamb for each family on the tenth of Nissan, which was in preparation for the first Passover.  They were told to keep the lamb for four days to be sure that it was without spot or blemish. Naturally, during this time the family would have grown attached to the adorable animal.  (Exodus 12:5-6)

Centuries later, after Yeshua had presented Himself to the Jewish people as their Messiah and Lamb by riding into the city on a donkey.  This is usually referred to as Palm Sunday because the Jews were waving palm fronds in celebration.

Yeshua was in Jerusalem everyday teaching at the Temple and making Himself quite accessible to the massive crowds that had gathered in the city for Passover, just days away.  While teaching, he was subjected to questions from the Pharisees and the Sadducees, as well as the townspeople.  Yet, during this time, no one could find fault with him.

After Yeshua was arrested, (because of the jealously of the Priests), He was eventually taken to appear before Pilate for questioning.  Upon examination, Pilate announced that he had found no fault with this man.  (Matthew 27:23-24)

Therefore, after the four days that Yeshua was inspected in Jerusalem, the Lamb was found to be without spot or blemish.

Yeshua fulfilled this first portion of Passover exactly. And we will see in the following posts that He fulfilled every portion of Passover, which was a foreshadow of His sacrifice for the sins of mankind.

Behold the Lamb!

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