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Friday, April 8, 2011

Chametz Free Zone

The week before Pesach (Passover) in a Jewish home is filled with much preparation.

The home should be free of any chametz, leavened grains or yeast.  Any breads, cookies, pasta, beer, etc., must be disposed of or sold to a gentile for the duration of the 8-day feast.  Only products labeled Kosher (Kashrut - proper or pure) may be eaten.  Yeast also represents sin.

Instead, Matzah, a thin, crispy, baked bread that is made without yeast, is eaten. This is a reminder that the Hebrew women did not have time to let their bread rise before they were rushed out of Egypt on the morning of the Exodus.

The night before Passover, there is a "search and burn" where the home is searched for any remaining chametz.   Sometimes mom will leave a few crumbs for the children to find. Using a candle and a feather she'll sweep them up, leaving a memorable experience for them.

Let this be a reminder to believers that Yeshua is our chametz free zone.  In Him, our sins are forgiven.  As a result, we are free from the stringent requirements of the Law to live in freedom to worship Him in spirit and truth, as we honor the Jewish Forefathers of our faith.

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