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Saturday, April 2, 2011

2011 Triple Crown

An eclipse isn't a big deal anymore.  Science has proven why they occur and that an eclipse is a normal part of the movement of our solar system, right?  So, what are the odds of having triplets?

During the summer of 2011, there will be a solar eclipse over Siberia on June 1, then a lunar eclipse will take place over Israel on June 15 (Shavout is June 7), and a third on July 1 over Antarctica.  

For 3 eclipses to occur all within a 30 day period is not normal. In fact, Triple Crowns are quite rare indeed, in the sky and on the racetrack.

The first recorded triple eclipses occurred in 3067 BC, the time of the Kurukshetra Indo-Asiatic War.  The next triple eclipses occurred 3031 BC and coincided with the total destruction of the city of Dwarka.  The years 1910 and 1945 each had triple eclipses along with World Wars I and II.

The last multi-eclipses happened in July 2009, and was the first in a series of 6 triplets that will take place through 2020.  Unusual indeed. 

There hasn't been any triplet eclipses for over 5,000 years, and suddenly, they are taking place every 2 years?  I think the Lord is trying to get our attention.

Keep lookin' up!

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